What clients are saying…


“I first met David almost 15 years ago as he had accomplished an enviable record of success recruiting over 60 professionals to Ernst & Young. I since asked him to help us when I moved to Mt. Sinai Hospital, and his level of commitment and professionalism led to our successful hire of a senior Health Informatics professional during a time of transition here.”

– Debbie Fischer, former Senior Vice President, Strategy & Organizational Development, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario and, former Chief People Officer, Ernst & Young Consulting, Toronto, Ontario

” Ever the consummate and creative professional, David immediately understood our needs and the challenges in attracting skilled professional talent in a high demand market. He found an interesting individual who quickly added value to our team.”

– Blair Gilmour, PEng, Principal and Owner, O.P. McCarthy & Associates Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

“David took a very strong methodical approach to searching the marketplace for our needs. His unwavering commitment led us to hire an IT professional with specialized skills and experience. This individual has since exceeded expectations and been asked to take on critical assignments within our company.”

– Fouad Chalabi, former Associate Vice President, Information Technology, Canadian Tire Corporation, Toronto, Ontario

David’s deep knowledge of the professional services sector and his committed approach to getting to know his clients, were key in helping us launch our firm in Canada. The War for Talent was at its peak at that time, and David helped us identify some excellent candidates that we could not have found otherwise.”

– Ken Smith, former Partner, The Mitchell Madison Group, Toronto, Ontario

“David helped me with two quite challenging hiring needs when I was leading ACS & Buck Consultants’ mission-critical outsourcing business. David didn’t leave any stone unturned to ultimately find two very key hires for us.”

– Pierre Neatby, former Vice President, Total Benefits Outsourcing, ACS & Buck Consultants, Toronto, Ontario

“Lee Valley Tools’ reputation for superior quality products, service, and customer brand loyalty are second-to-none in Canada’s retail sector. David ‘got’ us immediately, represented us in the marketplace as such, and found exactly who we needed.”

– Elizabeth Restall, Senior Vice President Merchandising (retired), Lee Valley Tools, Ottawa, Ontario

“Dave’s partnership with the business to fully understanding the needs of the position and unique culture of the organization, combined with his innate skills in identifying individuals who would best meet our requirements for success, assisted us in hiring the ideal candidate. Dave’s assistance was instrumental every step in the process.”

– Ray Sawicki, former Chief Investment Officer, Macquarie Private Wealth, Toronto, Ontario

“David helped us in a very challenging regional market where seasoned and senior professional talent was scarce. His down-to-earth working style and ever present professionalism was always appreciated, and led to success for us in the end.”

– Kaylynn Schroeder, former Senior Regional Vice President, Aon Consulting Canada, Calgary, Alberta

“At a time of very rapid growth, and major change with the rebranding of Macquarie Private Wealth, David was quick at assessing our needs, and bringing on board the right talent for our environment.”

– Laura Curtis Ferrera, former Chief Marketing Officer, Macquarie Banking & Financial Services, Toronto, Ontario

“David’s personable approach, integrity and commitment to excellence has always left me with a trusting impression, AND he delivers results!”

– Linda Gilmour, former Regional Director of Human Resources, Watson Wyatt Canada, Toronto, Ontario

“David’s lateral thinking and consultative approach helped us identify and hire an excellent candidate whom we might have otherwise overlooked.”

– Sean Whittaker, former Vice President Policy, Canadian Wind Energy Association, Ottawa, Ontario

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