How We Work

Great relationships are the key to our success – we’ve maintained lasting relationships with clients and candidates that span over two decades now. And each and every day we continue to build new ones. Our network is broad and deep, built over time with energy, passion and integrity. We’ve earned the right to be called trusted counsel and advocates for our clients as well as candidates alike.

Our executive search methodology is thorough, diligent and unwavering. Our success hinges on one critical component though – our relationship with you – understanding your organization, it’s needs, and where you’re heading. To that end, our first step is taking the time to get to know you.

Phase One | Discovery

We will meet with key stakeholders within and sometimes outside your organization, and we’ll ask a lot of questions. There is no such thing as too much information at this phase – we want to know the current state of affairs, and your anticipated future state, current expectations for the position and longer-term goals, marketplace issues, leadership styles, corporate culture and all of its nuances – everything and anything relevant to you, your organization and the position.

We will help refine and write the Position Description, suggest and even develop appropriate marketing collateral for this mandate, conduct any preliminary market research, and then recommend and discuss our search strategy.

Phase Two | Searching The Landscape

We are known for being extremely thorough when it comes to canvassing the marketplace. We won’t leave any stone unturned to uncover the very best available talent for our clients. Our research is comprehensive from the outset, honed through years of experience, and with creativity thrown in. All of our work over the past two decades, and quite extensive network numbering in the tens of thousands is captured and recorded in a state-of-the-art database, with ease of access at anytime and anywhere, so that we can deliver the very best service and ultimately a successful result for you.

Phase Three | The Ideal Candidate

Over twenty years in the business interviewing thousands of individuals for hundreds of jobs has honed our skills and instincts, but we never waver from our rigorous assessment process. A candidate’s experience and technical skills are fairly evident on their resume; however, we go beyond this to probe on the critical behavioural competencies that will determine success on the job. And lastly, there is the important factor of overall ‘fit’ – which goes back to our relationship with you and understanding what your organization is all about.

Phase Four | Closing The Deal

We work closely with our clients to get that ideal candidate onto their team, helping to structure a suitable employment offer, negotiating the terms, conducting all reference checks and ensuring any last-minute concerns are addressed. We’re there with our clients right through to the finish line – committed to a successful hire.

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